Our Gurudev

About Guruji

A few words about our beloved, most revered Guruji.

As we all know he is His Holiness Muni Shree Bhagyachandra Vijay Maharaj Saheb.

He was born on the auspicious day of 15-01-1987.

His birth was in a modest Gujarati family based in a peaceful Town named Nortown which is located in Anand District of Gujarat.

His father Shri Harikrishna and Mother Ranjan Ben are such blessed couple who brought him into this world.

Right from his childhood, unlike other children of his age our Guruji was deeply involved and motivated towards service of our Lord.

At the tender age of 13 where all children in this age group are busy with games, toys and schooling our Guruji took a very bold step of stepping into Lord’s service by dedicating his entire life in service of Lord.

He took DHIKSHA when he was 13 years of age.

After getting calling from Lord which he received at beginning of his teen years, He understood very purpose of his life and with blessings from his parents he vowed to dedicate himself in service of Lord.

He sacrificed all worldly desires and shed all worldly attachments.

Being guided and preached by His Holiness Pujya Gachadhipati Acharya Vijay Nithyanandha Suriji  Maharaj Saheb who is disciple of Punjab Keshri Acharya Shreemad Vijay Vallabh Suriji Maharaja. He gained incomparable knowledge and wisdom about our religion.

Apart from being well versed all religious texts, He is an expert in Sanskrit and Prakrith languages.

Also he is fluent in all formats of Gujarati, Hindi and English.

His mesmerising smile is enough to enslave people.

Always with a smile he is such patient that he is all ears to scores of his devotees.

He patiently addresses every dilemma faced by his disciples and encourages everyone irrespective of age, status and gender.

Well, words fall short when it comes to highlighting greatness of our beloved and most loved Guruji His Holiness Muni Shree Bhagyachandra Maharaj Saheb.