Institutional Schemes

Skill Development

The program is being implemented through MANAS - established by NMDFC on 11th November, 2014 as a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV), set-up for meeting all skill development/up-gradation needs of Minority Communities. MANAS would operate in collaborative mode, primarily with National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) and its partners, and with Government, Semi Government agencies, and other reputed large scale private agencies, working in this field.

Initially, the curriculum would be adopted from 26 Sector Skill Councils and other knowledge partners, having curriculum in consonance with National Occupational Standards (NOS)/ National Vocational Education Qualification Framework (NVEQF). The curriculum would also be developed by MANAS in collaboration with the actual employers of the skilled labour force, as per their requirement to ensure placements. The training facilities and infrastructure would be provided as per the norms, by NSDC partners and other large scale professional training providers, who would collaborate with MANAS for skills training. Certification would be done jointly by MANAS with Sector Skill Councils, and by and other Industry accepted accreditation & certification bodies / leading players, in their respective sectors, to ensure competence and quality assurance of the training given.

Placement for wage-employment would be ensured through NSDC partners / training partners of MANAS. Self- employment to be ensured by the training partners with NMDFC loans through MANAS. The training partners of MANAS and MANAS itself will become a Channelizing Agency of NMDFC for this purpose to establish link in between disbursement of credit and self-employment generation through Skill Development/Skill up-gradation. Overseas placement would be undertaken through the Ministry of Overseas India Affairs and placement within the country through other Government Departments/Agencies. Monitoring, supervision & tracking of the candidates would be undertaken by MANAS / training partners etc. MANAS will use data center of NMDFC.

Vocational Training Scheme

The Vocational Training Scheme of NMDFC aims at imparting skills to the targeted individual beneficiaries leading to self/wage employment. The scheme is implemented through the State Channelising Agencies, which organize need based vocational training programmes in their States with the help of local Government owned / recognized training institutes in trades having potential for self/wage employment. The cost of the training programme is upto Rs. 2000 per candidate per month for courses of maximum duration of 6 months. Stipend @ Rs.1000 per month per trainee is also offered during the training. As per the scheme 90% of the training cost is met by NMDFC as a grant while the remaining 10% is borne by the SCA/Training Institute. The SCAs/Training Institute have to ensure placement of at least 80% trainees in wage employment/self-employment with placement of 50% trainees in formal sector. Handholding support of 1 year is also given to trainees after the training program.

The SCAs are required to submit their proposals to NMDFC in the prescribed formats for approval/release of funds.

S.No. Parameters Scheme Details
1 Training Cost Up to Rs. 2,000/- per month per trainee
2 Duration of Training Up to 6 months
3 Stipend Rs. l, 000/- per month per trainee.
4 Means of Financing NMDFC : SCA/Trg. Institute 90: 10
Marketing Assistance Scheme

The Marketing Assistance Scheme is meant for individual crafts-persons, beneficiaries of NMDFC as well as SHGs and is implemented through both SCAs as well as NGOs. With a view to support the crafts-persons to promote marketing & sale of their products at remunerative prices, NMDFC assists the SCAs and NGOs in organizing State / District level exhibitions at selected locations. In these exhibitions, hand loom / handicraft products of Minority crafts-persons are exhibited and sold. Such exhibitions also serve the purpose of organizing "buyer seller meet", which is considered very useful for product development and market promotion, for domestic market as well as for exports. NMDFC provides grants for organizing exhibitions, as per the specific guidelines of the scheme, after due appraisal of the proposals.

S. No. Parameters Scheme Revised
1 Cost for organizing exhibition at SCA level
  • For A Class cities Rs.20,000/stall
  • For B Class cities Rs.16,000/stall
  • For C Class cities Rs.12,000/stall
  • For D Class cities Rs.10,000/stall

All metros are A class cities, All State Capitals other than Metros are B Class cities, District headquarters are C Class cities & others are D Class cities.

2 TA 2nd class sleeper or ordinary bus fare for 2 persons (on actual)
3 DA Rs. 500/-per person for 2 persons representing each artisan/SHG.
4 Participants Artisans 1 Individual beneficiary (2 beneficiaries
per stall); preference being given to SHGs having 10-15 members; Stalls would be allocated in the ratio of 2: 1:: SHGs: Artisans/ individual beneficiaries.
5 Max. Stalls in Exhibition 10-40 Nos.
6 Duration of exhibition

2 weeks
7 Means of Financing
90% : 10%
Grant in Aid Assistance scheme

The SCAs of NMDFC are supported under the scheme of Grant In Aid Assistance (GIA) of the Ministry of Minority Affairs to strengthen their infrastructure for effective implementation of NMDFC schemes. So far, Rs.17.14 crores has been released to the various SCAs by NMDFC.