Jain Philosophy

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Jain Philosophy (2) 26 – Anekäntaväda III – Five Samaväya (Five Causal Factors)

Chapter 26 – Anekäntaväda III – Five Samaväya (Five Causal Factors) Introduction: Who is responsible for the events that occur in the world? Hegel said it is history. Marx said it is “the system.” Various views have been propounded to explain the occurrence of events.  These theories put forward mutually conflicting…

Jain Philosophy (2) 25 – Anekäntaväda II – Pramäna, Naya and Syädväda

Chapter 25 – Anekäntaväda II – Pramäna, Naya and Syädväda Introduction Logic broadly means the study of the structure and principles of reasoning or of sound arguments.  In the west, it also includes certain other meanings all related to different meanings of a Greek word “logos”. Logic is of prime…

Jain Philosophy (2) 23 – Fourteen Gunasthäna (Stages of Spiritual Development)

Chapter 23 – Fourteen Gunasthäna (Stages of Spiritual Development) Introduction In the book “Outlines of Jainism” Shri J. L.  Jaini defines that: “In Jainism fourteen stages are indicated through which the soul progresses from an impure state to the final pure state of liberation (Siddha). The psychical condition of the soul…

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