Acharya Pulak Sagar Ji Maharaj

Acharya Pulak Sagar Ji Maharaj

Acharya Pulak Sagar Ji Maharaj

A divine soul was born, in a very small but fortunate, Dhamtri village in Chattisgarh; this soul was none other than Bharat Gaurav Muni Shri 108 Pulak Sagar Ji Maharaj. His birth brought happiness, wealth, respect and peace in the house of Shri. Bhikamchand Ji and Smt. Gopi Bai Jain, parents of this child. His name before Deeksha was just like his soul, Paras, that means Pavitra. This true follower of Jainism and devotee of Lord Parasvanath served mankind and preached Jainism under the guidance of Shri. Pushapdant Sagar ji maharaj.


A Religious Jain Family of Chattisgarh, who spent their life practicing Jainism with hearted dedication and devotion, were blessed with a child, named Paras, on 11th May 1970. The whole family was celebrating the birth of this extraordinary child. Jain pilgrimages, Jain temples were visited by the family to thank god. Shri Bhikam Chand Ji visited the family pandit to know about the future of Paras. He was overwhelmed to have a glance at the future of paras, and was told that Paras is not an ordinary child and will be a great saint, who will show the light of spiritualism.


As a child, Paras was quite inclined towards religious epics. Like the parents of many other great saints Paras’s parents were adorned with the hearts that shone with purity, nobility and great reverence to teachers and saints. Paras would listen to JAIN scriptures with great interest from his mother & grandmother. The first seed of spiritual life was sown in his life during this period.


At the very young age of 23, when Paras came in contact of Samkalin Sant Shiromani Acharya Shri Vidyasagar Ji Maharaj, his search for truth intensified. Paras was getting detached from materialistic World, which can give nothing but instable happiness, sorrows and grievances. On 27th January 1993Acharya Vidya Sagar Ji Maharaj held finger of Paras and helped him to take his first step towards Spirituality and granted him Brahmacharya Vrat (Celibacy). His strong determination, nobility, religious thoughts also impressed Acharya Shri Pushpdant Sagar ji Maharaj and he awarded him with “Ailak Deeksha” on 27th January, 1994 in Gwalior. On this auspicious day, he received his true spiritual gifts – “Picchi and Kamandal”. Later on, in Kanpur in front of large masses he was presented Muni Deeksha and Acharya Shri named him as “MUNI PULAK SAGAR“. With Guru’s grace and blessings Muni Shri 108 Pulak Sagar Ji discovered the absolute truth. Each moment of Paras’s life was overflowing with the divine realization of existence of One in All. The stage beyond pride & material attractions was reached. His drive towards the final destination was started. The journey to blissful state where nothing can separate one from God and religion, finally begun.


Muni shri started travelling from one place to another. In order to preach Jainism and various Jain beliefs to the ignorant, non-religious people with his motto to serve mankind, he visited cities like Delhi, Meerut, Agra, Gwalior, Jaipur, Indore, Mumbai, Surat, Nagpur, Ajmer he also visited small cities like Saharanpur, Sikar etc. Not only this, to spread the word, he reached those small-small villages which were way too far from the reach, where there was no electricity, no roads, precisely no basic amenities, but then also Muni Shri visited those places with mere one motive.


His spiritual ideas, noble thoughts, great teachings and Jain preaching have helped millions to lead honest, true and noble lives. His care for everyone be it a small ant or large elephant, be it poor or rich, makes him special, for him everybody is equal. With his aim to serve mankind, he has written a number of religious books (Sahitaya)like Aakhir Kyun, Bhookh, Bottal Ka Toofan, Sant Sadhana, Meri Awaz Suno, Pratham Sopan,Ram Bina Jag Suna, Sanskaro ka Sankhaad, Anaksakt Yogi, Arhat Geeta, Hai Buddhapa, Kanyadaan and much more. These show Muni Shri’s deep knowledge and religious personality.


Muni Shri is spreading nectar of his great spiritual ideas through his Pravachans. Everyone can easily understand Muni Shri’s Pravachans, be it Jain or Non-Jain, as they are for common people. His pravachan awaken the World and gave it a new direction free from misleading lives. Thousands of people are inspired by his Pravachans and to get solace from their worldly afflictions and to get peace at the feet of Muni Shri Pulak Sagar Ji Maharaj.


He is a true incarnation of mankind, teacher of Spiritualism, follower of Jainism, Preacher of Jain beliefs, and sea of knowledge. The credit for changing the lives of millions goes to Muni shree. He has inspired and taught all of us the way to live a peaceful life with a motto of “JIYO AUR JINO DO”.

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