Manibhadra Veer History

Manibhadra Veer History

Manibhadra Veer History

Who was Manibhadra Veer?

Manibhadra was a great king who was devoted to Jain religion and preachings. He had enormous wealth and was also very fond of 36 musical instruments. He was declared as the Kshetrapal (Protector of the Area) because of his tremendous devotion.

Manibhadraveer, as the legend goes, was born in his previous birth in Ujjain as a Jain shravak Manekshaw. He was a staunch Jain Shravak whose Guru was Maharaj Hemvimal Suriji. During his chaturmas in Agra, Manekshaw was deeply influenced by his Guru’s discourses on the sacredness and importance of Shatrunjay( Palitana). Due to this, he decided to undertake the arduous penance of going on foot to Shatrunjay to do the Navanuni Yatra and end it with a 2-day(chatt) fast under the Ryan tree.

With his Guru’s blessings, he set off on the auspicious day of Kartiki Poonam. When he was close to present day Magarwada, a gang of dacoits attacked him and the group and fighting them He gave his life to save others severing his head, arms and lower body. Manekshaw, who was totally absorbed in his Navkar mantra jaap and the sacredness of Shatrunjay, was reborn as Indra Manibhadraveerdev.

Shri Manibhadra is originally a yaksha, worshipped by Indian masses.It is an image of six armed yaksha with an elephant as his vehicle. Shreefal and Sukhadi are his favourite.


It is mythologically stated that while fighting, His body got cut into three (3) parts and fell in three different directions. The

  • “Pindi”  ie. “the part below the waist” fell at Magarwada in Gujarat,
  • The “dhad” ( the body at Aglod) in Gujarat  and the
  • “Mashtak” (the Head ) in Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh.

Originally there are only this three places of Manibhadra Veer in India – UJJAIN, AGLOD and MAGARWADA.

It is also believed, that, His Guru’s disciples were facing many difficulties because of the Bhairvos. According to the Dev vaani, his Guru came to Magarwada, and sat down in Dhyan to overcome these difficulties. That is when Manibhadraveer decided to help his Guru to overcome the obstacles caused by the Bhairvos. He subdued them. His Guru honoured him by installing a ‘pind’ of his legs in Magarwada on Maha Sud Pancham day and constructed the temple there.Today, people flock to Magarwada in large numbers to pray to Manibhadraveer to solve their problems and help them overcome their obstacles.

It is also said that if someone makes darshan in all the three locations in one day, ie. (between Sunrise to Sunset) it is the best possible way of offering ones prayers and devotion..

Manibhadra Veer – Places of Importance

It is mythologically stated that while fighting, His body got cut into three (3) parts and fell in three different directions. The “Pindi”  ie. “the part below the waist” fell at Magarwada in Gujarat, The “dhad” ie. the body at Aglod in Gujarat and the “Mashtak”, ie. the Head in Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh. Originally there are only this three places of Mianibhadra Veer in India – UJJAIN, AGLOD and MAGARWADA.


MAGARVADA : In Magarvada (Palanpur district, Gujarat), there is an idol of Manibhadra especially the “Pindi” which is the lower body. Here, large numbers of devotees visit to pay homage and get their desires fulfilled. Lord Manibhadraveer is known to create miracles. It is believed that one gets wealth and protection from evil spirits by worshipping Him. Not just Jains but even Hindus from Gujarat and the neighbouring state of Rajasthan flock in Huge numbers to offer their prayers and worships.

AGLOD : Shri Aglod Jain Tirth around 80 kms (1.45 hrs) from Magarwada. It is said that “Dhad”, ie. The Body fell here and the same is worshipped. One can begin the worship from the feet and the lower part and visit Aglod to worship the body followed by the Head at Ujjain.

UJJAIN : At the banks of Shipra river, is located the divine temple of Lord Manibhadraveer jee. Adjoining the temple was His old home (Maneksha’s) and the temple is built on and around the same location. The “Mashtak” or Head of Dada / Lord Manibhadraveer is worshipped here.

Logistics and Travel Plan to cover MAGARWADA, AGLOD & UJJAIN in one day between Sunrise to sunset.

We had planned our Journey (May 7th, 2011) from Ahmedabad where we hired an AC Indica. Please note that prior to book your taxi / car do check whether they have MP Permit, which is necessary.

We traveled from Ahmedabad to Magarwada the day earlier in the evening, so we can start our darshan journey from Magarwada the next morning upon sunrise. It is recommended that one leaves Ahmedabad around 4PM and travels for around 146 kms ie. For around 2-2.5 hrs given the super fast highway and expressway and reach Magarwada at late evening around 7:00-8:00 PM. It is recommended to have your dinner / food on the way as post sunset (Chouvihar) food will not be available at Magarwada, which is a very small village. There are many decent places to eat on the highway (AC , Non-AC). There are decent facilities (dharamsala) to stay overnight here – constructed in 2009-10.  One can relax, unwind and also do bhavna (prayers) at the temple in the evening.

Magarwada temple opens at around 5 AM (Please check with the temple authorities for the accurate opening time) and Sukhadi, Shreefal (Coconut) etc is available around the temple area. Also please note, that the Prasad offered has to be eaten/consumed within the temple premises and is not to be taken out.

It is recommended to leave Magarwada post the Puja etc at the earliest in the morning, say around 6.30 AM to reach Aglod at 8:30-9:00 AM. Magarwada-Aglod is around 80 kms and takes you 2-2.5 hours as the same is not through the main expressway / highway.

One can also have breakfast at Aglod and complete the Puja and worship and leave sharp at 10:00 AM and drive for 400 kms or 6-7 hours (The roads in Gujarat are good but not in M.P.) to Ujjain to reach Lord Manibhadraveers temple before Sunset. One can also do Puja here around till 4:00-4:30 PM. There are rooms to change and stay here.

One can stay here overnight or at Bherughad jain dharamsala or even travel to Indoreand stay overnight.

This is to share 3 Important details regarding Shree Manibhadra Veer which might be of help to all :

(1) Latest / Contact details of the Important places of worship as the old numbers might not be functional or in order.

Magarwada Tirth – Pedhi – +91 98255 73195
Aglod Tirth  +91 2763283734 /  615
Ujjain Tirth Pedhi – +91 97546 63041
Sion Temple (Open only on Thursdays) +91 22 2407 6071 / +91 9819113811

  • Magarwada Tirth has Food and Stay options (Bhojanshala and Dharamshala) The Dharamshala is basic with Non AC Rooms.
  • Aglod Tirth has Food and Stay options (Bhojanshala and Dharamshala)
  • Ujjain Tirth also has Food and Stay options (Bhojanshala and Dharamshala) with AC and Non AC Rooms

(2) Travel Options for a Single Day Trip

One can start either from Magarwada, do Aglod and then reach Ujjain or vice versa/ reverse from Ujjain, Aglod and Magarwada as there is no hard and fast rule.

  • If starting from Magarwada, it is suggested that one reaches Magarwada a night earlier and post Darshan/Puja first thing in the morning (Say around 6.30/7.00 am sharp) leave for Aglod. Magarwada Temple is open from 7:00 to 8:00 PM (appx)
  • Magarwada to Aglod is 2 hours by road…so you reach Aglod by 9.00ish/10ish
  • You can do breakfast/navkarshi at Aglod and also Puja… leaving at 10/11:00ish
  • From Aglod to Ujjain is around 6 hours so one can plan accordingly. You can reach Ujjain by 5:00 PM…ideally Puja is allowed till 4.00/4.30pm…but you can do dasrhan and do puja the next morning. Temple is open from 7:00 to 8:00 PM (appx)
  • In summers since the days are long one has a couple of hours more in hand.
  • The road conditions are decent and best is to have googlemaps on your mobile for best routes so you can avoid wasting time checking with people.

Again, this is a matter for faith….Completing the journey in one day from Sunrise to Sunset…if you have infants or aged people…try it in 24 hours….it will be more comfortable and you will not be in a rush… it is your faith that matters than anything else !

(3) Jain Food (No Onion/Garlic/Potato/Underground food) Advisory
It is suggested or advised that you try eating Jain food during this journey. Also eating Jain food on Thursdays is a great way of dedicating your faith to Shree Manibhadra Veer !
Hope this is useful for all the devotees !
Jai Manibhadra Veer !
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Shree Manibhadra Veer Stuti

  “Dharelu Sahu Kaam Siddha Karva”

By Manibhadra Veer Upasak Gurudev Bhagyachandra Vijayji Maharaj Saheb

Shree Manibhadra Pujan High-lights

2015 At Cross Maidan, Mumbai

Manibhadra Veer Manra-Jaap Vidhi

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