Acharya Nityananda Suriji Maharaja Saheb

Acharya Nityananda Suriji Maharaja Saheb

Acharya Nityananda Suriji Maharaja Saheb

Sahntidoot, Kalyanak Tirth Uddharak, Shasan Prabhavak

Pujya Gachchhadhipati Acharya Shreemad Vijya

Nityananda Suriswarji Maharaja

Born Vikram Samvat 2015 at Delhi
Diksha Vikram Samvat 2024 at Badaut, U.P.
Diksha Guru Muni Shri Anekant Vijay Ji Maharaj
Diksha Pradata Acharya Shri Vijay Samrudra Surishwar Ji Maharaj
Region of movement Rajasthan, Haryana, Punjab, Delhi, Himachal Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat and Maharashtra.
Sect Mandir-Margi

He is known in all Jaina circles as messenger of peace in view of his immense capability to bring unity, organisation and strength in the society. He commands great respect of thousands of followers in various parts of the country and is accepted as the highest among all the acharyas in the Mandir-Margi sect. Acharya Shri has carried out in-depth study of various Agamas and other ancient Jain literature and by virtue of that, he has achieved the abilities of a scholarly thinker, philosopher and writer.

He has a large number of books, essays and articles to his credit. Due to his inspiration, many schools, colleges, medical centres and hospitals have been established in different parts of the country, which are offering excellent service to the humanity as a whole. He has special interest in the growth and development of children. For this purpose, he has written a complete series in the form of 108 books, consisting of brief, interesting and authentic biographical stories in the form of comics on Tirthankaras, Ganadharas, Sati and other eminent people described in Jaina mythology.

Now 2017 Chaturmas Stay In Dilhi

Saiyam Jivan 50 Suvarna Jayanti Mahotsav


Because Of His Strong Abilities Of Pravachan , Literary Inclination And Desperation To Promote Jainism , AcharyaIndradinnSuriJi M.S. Gave Him GANI Pad In VikramSamvat 2044 In Thane , Followed By PANYAS Pad In VikramSamvat 2047 In Delhi And ACHARYA Pad In VikramSamvat 2050 In PalitanaTirth Amidst All Sadhu-Sadhvis-Shravaks And Shravikas.

It Is Believed That Goddess Saraswati Has Special Blessing On Him , Due To Which He Is Able To Resolve All Riots That He Come Across By Explaining And Convincing Them By His Beautiful Voice And Pravachans. One Such Incident Also Happened In Jalna( Maharashtra) , Where He Resolved Fights In Love And Affection. He Was Then Popularly Called SHANTIDOOT ( Messenger Of Peace).

As And When He Progressed , He Inaugurated A Girls College In Ganganagar Where He Was Offered With The Title SHIKSHASANT ( Saint Of Knowledge). He Is Also Popularly Recognized By Various Titles Like JIRNODDHAR PRERAK ,GYAN-GANGA-BHAGIRATH , PUNJAB MARTAND And Many More.

He Was Finally Recognized As The Pattdhar Of Original Aatm-VallabhSamuday Where The ChaturwidhSangh Requested Him To Supersede AcharyaIndradinnSuriJi After His Demise. He Was Declared KRAMIK PATTDHAR In Delhi And GACHCHHADHIPATI In Samana.



He Is Totally Dedicated To Acharya Vijay VallabhSuriJi M.S. He Has Made His Incomplete Dreams His Own Visions. With A View To Promote Jainism And Instilling In People The True Spirit Of Being A Jain , He Has Travelled Over One Lakh And 30 Thousand Kilometers Barefoot Across India Including Majorly The Parts Of Rajasthan , Haryana , Himachal Pradesh , Gujarat , Madhya Pradesh , Uttar Pradesh , Maharashtra , Bihar , West Bengal Etc. He Has Established Numerous Temples , Renovated Old And Ancient Temples And Made Many Organisations With A View To Encourage The Young Jains. He Also Has Written Various Books Including Pravachans , Picture Books , Short Biographies , Essays And Many More.

With His Persistent  Efforts , He Has Been Able To Get A Postal Stamp Printed By The Government Of India On 21stFebruary , 2009.

Also , He Is A Great Patriot. When In 2006 , Mr. Bhairo Singh ShaikhawatInsited Him To Render A Helping Hand To People In Great Flooded Region ,  He Instantly Inspired Many People To Donate For A Cause And People Contributed Rs. 53 Lakhs. He Also Help In Gathering Crores Of Funds To Render Services To Needy People At The Time Of Tsunami .Also , He Has Build Many Hospitals , Schools Etc. In Different Cities To Render Humanitarian Services.

AcharyaNityanandSuriJi Is An Inspiration For Every Men And Women Who Aspire To Touch Heights With The Guidance Of PujyaGurudevs  AndHardwork. He Is A Portarait Of Total Dedication . He Focusses On Establishing Unity , Secularism . He Has Promoted Women Empowerment By Promoting Women And SadhviSamuday To A Large Extent



Apart From There Many Other Saints Are Under His Reign Who Selected Him As Ideal For The Pattdhar. AcharyaVijay VirendraSuriJi M.S. , AcharyaYashobhadraSuriJi M.S. , AcharyaVasantSuriJi M.S. , AcharyaJayanandSuriJi M.S. acharyaArun Vijay Ji , Acharya chidanand suriji, PannyasDharmsheel Vijay Ji , GaniRajendra Vijay Ji Etc

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