104.Mahadeva Parshwnath

104.Mahadeva Parshwnath

104.Mahadeva Parshwnath

Mulnayak: Nearly 58 cms. high white – coloured idol of Bhagwan Mahadeva Parshvanath in the Padmasana posture.

Tirth: It is in Khetarvasi in Patan.

Historicity: The city of Patan was established in V.S.802 and was the capital of Chavda kings who ruled Patan. They were Jains and built many temples in Patan which are famous even today. Then came the Chalukya dynasty with many great kings like Sidhraj and Maharaja Kumarpal. Jainism flourished during this period. But the city was destroyed by Muslim invasion in V.S.1356 by Malik Gaffoor, the senapati of Alauddin.  Most of the temples built by many great kings and their ministers were destroyed during this invasion. The temple of Mahadeva Parshvanath is in Mahadev ki Sheri in Khetarvasi in Patan.  The idol of Mahadeva Parshvanath is very ancient, captivating and very beautiful. The antiquity of the temple is not known. A flag is hoisted on the 10th day of the bright half of the month of Vaisakhi every year.
Other Temples: There are many temples here.

Guidelines: The city of Patan is well connected by road and rail. Bus and private vehicles are available here. There are many Dharamshalas here, the famous being Kotawala ki Dharamshala, Ashtapad ki Dharamshala, Shri Mohanlal Uttamchand ki Dharamshala. There are Bhojanshalas also here. There is a well established Gyan Bhandar in Patan.

Scripture: A mention of Mahadeva Parshvanath is made in “Patan Chaitya Paripati”, in 365 Shri Parshva Jin Naammala”, in “108 Naam Garbhit Shri Parshvanath Stavan”, “Shri Parshvanath Naammala”, in “Pattan jinalaya Stuti” etc. There is an idol of Mahadeva Parshvanath in Kalikund Parshvanath temple in Santacruz, Mumbai.

Trust: Shri Mahadeva Parshvanath Shwetambar Jain Tirth, Khetarvasi, Post: Patan, District: Patan, North Gujarat-384 265, India.  Phone: 02766-225241.

A reference of this Jinalaya occurs in Patan Chaitya Paripati composed by Ladhashah in V. S. 1777. In this Paripati the Sheri is mentioned as Surji Madhavni Pole. In Jain Tirth Sarvasangrah this Jinalaya is described as Parshva Jinalaya in Mahadevni Sheri. First reference of this Jinalaya is in a Stuti (eulogy) composed by Shri Pandit Hiralal.

In this Jinalaya with three garbhgruhas, a 21-inch idol of Shri Mahadeva Parshvanath is as mulnayak (main God). There is a nice chhatra (shelter in shape of an umbrella). In garbhgruhas on either side there are idols of Shri Neminath and Shri Vasupujya. Here there are five marble idols and 29 idols of metal.

Though small, the rangmandap is attractive. The patts of Shatrunjay and Girnar, colour-work on the walls, the huge mirrors and marble designs on the floor add to the grace of the Jinalaya, in one niche there are padikas (impression of the feet in stone worshipped as foot-print of god or religious guide) of Munishri Kirtivijayji and Manishri Manikyavijayji. The year inscribed on the padukas is V. S. 1892.

The administration of this Jinalaya is conducted by Shri Kirtibhai Valchand Shah, Shri Chinubhai Nemchand Sha, Shri Prafulbhai Jayantilal (Zabhlawala).

श्री महादेव पार्श्वनाथ

श्री महादेव पार्श्वनाथ – पाटण
खेतरवसी-पाटण में श्री महादेव पार्श्वनाथ का सुन्दर जिनालय है|तीन गर्भद्वारवाले ग्रुभगृह में मुलनायक के र्रोप में श्री महादेव पार्शवनाथ की २१” की प्रतिमा है| प्रतिमा पर सुन्दर छत्र भी है|

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