98.Antriksh PArshwanath

98.Antriksh PArshwanath

98.Antriksh PArshwanath

98. Shree Antariksh Parshwanath Bhagwan

Shree Antariksh Parshwanath Bhagwan History

Beautiful History of Antrikshji Tirth revealed
Do you know that as on date, which are the three most Prachin (old) Jin Murtis ?

First – Shri Neminath Dada – Girnar
Second – Shri Shankeshwar Parshvnath – Shankeshwar
Third – Shri Antriksh Parshvnath – Shirpur

We would all know many things about Girnar and surely about Shankeshwar….The Story of Shri Antrikshji Parshvanath is very interesting (see the attached file – Story with Colourful pictures).

Key Highlights of this Tirth

– The 42 inch Shri Antriksh Parshvanath Murti is 11,80,000 years old
– Murti was made out of Clay and Cow dung during the time of Bhagvan Munisuratswami
– Murti Staphana was done by Dev’s from Devlok and not by any human
– Murti is not touching the floor (it is in air without any support) and a cloth can pass below it
– The Tirth / Murti get referred in “Sakal Tirth Vandana” Sutra (spoken every day during morning pratikaman)…This reflects its importance.

It is impossible to narrate the mahima of Param Pavan, Pragat Prabhavi, Atyant Prachin, historical Shri Antrikshji Parshvanath prabhu.

In spite of all this, like everything has its highs and low, presently the Tirth is passing through its low :-(….. This is evident from the fact that not too many people know about this historical Tirth.

However, the times are changing…. There are increasing numbers of people visiting the Tirth…. This email is aimed at making more and more people aware about this Prabhavak and Prachin Tirth.

This Tirth is located in Shirpur….Close to Akola…. Map is attached.

Hope Shri Antriksh Parshvanath Bhagwan’s Darshan brings lot of fortune in your life (as Prabhu does to all).

If possible, please please pass this on to as many as possible and try coming down to this Tirth with family, friends, Mandal, Sangh……………If you have the capacity, get a Sangh along with you and Dada will surely bless you……………..as they say…………..

Bolo Shri Antrikshji Parshvanath Bhagwan Ki Jai….

antriksh parshwanath

antriksh parshwanath

antariksh parshwanath 1
antriksh parshwanathji
antariksha parshwanath
Antariksh Parshwanath 12
antriksh parshwanath 13
antriksh parshwanath story

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