Kartik Sud Punam Vidhi

Kartik Sud Punam Vidhi

Kartik Sud Punam Vidhi

It is the 15th day of the first month- Kartik in the Gujarati calander. After the four months of rainy season (Chaturmas), the pilgrimage of Shatrunjaya reapons. It is said that the meaning of the Shatrunjaya is winning over enemies. The pilgrimage of Shatrunjaya is performed to win over the Karma-enemy. So it is said that-

Each step on the pious place Shatrunjaya can remove or

Destroy Karmas of previous births.

The person who puts one step towards Shatrunjaya with pure heart, can be free from all the sins of the present and previous life. The sinful souls had become pious by worshipping it properly. The Satans become Saints. The murderers become munks. Even those who had got Omniscience knowledge can’t describe the importance of Shatrunjaya. The pilgrims who do the pilgrimage of Shatrunjaya with true feelings, they can get salvation in the 3rd or 5th Bhava.(third or fifth birth)

Dravid and Varikhilla had got salvation with 10 crores Sadhus-Monks. So many other souls also got the salvation from the difficulties of Sansar. This is the birth day of Hemchandracharya also.


The Rituals of Kartak Purnima

Kartak Sud Poonam 21st November 2010

– The Kayotsarga of 9 Logassa
– 21 Khamasanas
– 21 Swastiks and
– 20 Navakarvalis with the Jap Pad of –

‘Shri Shatrunjaya Tirthadhirajaya Namh’

5 चैत्य वंदन करना चाहिये

palitana tirth

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