Vinit Gemawat

Vinit Gemawat

Vinit Gemawat

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Following is the list of programmes we organize/conduct.

  • Anjanshalaka Pratishtha Mahotsav
  • Pratishtha Mahotsav
  • Diksha Mahotsav
  • Updhaan Tap
  • Chadawa (Uchamani)
  • Bhakti
  • Pujans
  • Sanghyatra
  • Bhavyatra
For any Jain religious program you can contact us.

At the age of 16 Vinit was inspired to accompany his father to stage performances. While performing at Pali, Rajasthan Ashok Gemawat his father introduced Vinit to the crowd. He was a very shy person and was not open enough to perform on stage.
The devotees roared & applauded to encourage son Vinit to sing. The crowd was mesmerized to his melodious voice and insisted him to sing all over again. It was stepping stone to the world of Jain Dharmic Bhakti.
“Beta Baap Se Savaya”, was pronounced in praise. In a very young age of 17, he performed his first solo Dharmik Bhakti and Pratishthain Mira Road. His first Anjanshalaka at Pune was performed under the nishra of “Daulat Sagar Suriji – Bandu Beladi” He continued performing ceaselessly.

Notable Facts :
  • In 2003 & 2009 he performed at Dubai, organised by Dubai Jain Sangh.

  • Success of performance planned his tour to Hongkong, organised by Hongkong Jain Sangh in November 2012.

  • Also performed Jain Dharmic program at Dharamchakra Tirth in Nasik and Sushil Dham in Banglore & so on.

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